There are plenty of convertibles out in the market- from HP Stream which is worth a couple of hundred pounds to the multi-thousand pounds worth Microsoft Surface Book. This time around we’re gonna check out iOTA 360 IO013, a convertible that supports touchscreen and can be converted into a tablet. And it’s pretty darn cheap as well. Let’s check it out then.


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  • CPU – Intel Atom x5 Quad-Core, 1.44 GHz
  • GPU – Intel HD Graphics 400
  • Memory – 2 GB DDR3
  • Screen – 11.6-inch HD TN (1,366 x 768) with 10-point touchscreen
  • Storage – 32 GB eMMC Flash
  • OS – Windows 10 Home edition




  • Performance – It’s powered by an Intel Atom processor. It comes with 2 GB of system RAM and 32 GB of Flash-based system ROM (backup storage). It’s easy to notice that it’s kinda under-specced if you ask me. The RAM and storage both seemed a bit low me (at least 4 GB RAM and 64 GB storage would have been appreciated).
  • Handling – Its 360° hinges allow it to transform it from the standard laptop mode to the tablet mode or anything in between. You can easily lock the keyboard by just a press of a single button while in the tablet mode.
  • Portability – One another aspect of its 360° design is its portability. In spite of touting an 11.6-inch screen, it stretches even less than 11 inches. It means that it would pose no headache at all as you can slide it easily in your bag. And at 1.19 kg, it’s pretty light (even less than HP Stream 14 and Asus VivoBook 14 in fact) and won’t be hard on your shoulders.
  • Price – Price is an immensely important feature of low budget netbooks like this. It costs nearly £200 meaning almost same as Stream 14 and less than Vivobook. But one department where it stays a couple of steps ahead of both of them is that it supports touchscreen.




  • Lack of power – As told earlier, the configuration feels somewhat low to me. The Atom processors, in general, are considered a bit less powerful than the Celeron processors which are very popular among cheap subnotebooks (HP Stream). So you can’t really use it for any kind of strenuous tasks like heavy gaming or image editing.
  • Storage – The inbuilt 32 GB ROM is really small for storing all your movies and pictures. One good thing is that you can use the Micro SD card to boost up the total storage space. You can add up to 64 GB of Micro SD storage. Other than that you can opt for an external hard disk or cloud-based virtual storage if you feel like it.




iOTA 360 IO013 is a great Windows-powered convertible- there’s no doubt about it. It’s sleek, it’s moderately powerful, and most importantly, it’s pretty cheap for what it’s offering. So if you are after a cheap notebook that would get your everyday surfing and office works done pretty comfortably then iOTA 360 might be the one for you. Recommended.


Check out the latest price for the iOTA 360 IO013


iOTA 360 IO013 Review

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