For years laptop manufacturers have been frustrated by trying to get a more portable style laptop to perform better. Well Microsoft has achieved that feat with the Surface DAG-00079. It’s super-lightweight and compact and has a very adequate processing speed for a computer its size.

It has a great near edge to edge video display screen and it’s also a really stylish laptop too with its sleek design and shiny metallic finish.


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Processor: Intel® Core™ i5-7200U

Memory: 8GB DDR3 RAM

Storage: 256 GB SSD

Screen: 13.5″

OS: Windows 10 S


  • This computer is made for those on the go. Its thin size (less than 15 mm) and light weight (1.2 kg) make it a super-portable laptop.
  • Its near edge to edge full HD display screen and Intel HD 620 Graphics processor combine to produce an incredible viewing experience when watching movies and videos on it.
  • Despite its small stature this is a high performing laptop. It features a late generation Intel® Core™ i5-7200U supported by 8GB of DDR3 RAM.
  • The touchscreen capability with this notebook computer allows you to navigate around it like a smart tablet without having to use the mouse pad.
  • With over 11 hours of battery power you don’t have to carry your charger with you when you are only going to be gone from your home for less than a day.
  • Advanced Windows Hello security features.


  • The storage space on this notebook computer is a bit to the small side. Microsoft chose to use a faster data transferring SSD hard drive with only 256 GB of storage capacity.
  • It comes with Windows 10 S which seems to be a lower performing version of Windows 10 home.
  • This notebook computer has very few ports on it and no CD/DVD optical type drive.


This laptop truly has some great features on it for a laptop that is specifically designed for mobile computing. It’s a Microsoft laptop you can take anywhere without having to worry about its performance or its battery life. Students, professionals and any non-laptop gamer should be very satisfied with the Surface DAG-00079 from Microsoft.


Check out the latest price for the Microsoft Surface DAG-00079


Microsoft Surface DAG-00079 Review

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