If you want a thin gaming laptop that does not sacrifice performance to achieve it, then you will want to take a closer look at this Razer RZ09 machine. It has just about everything you want in a gaming laptop but it can do so much more too. This laptop can easily straddle the world between home and professional use.

It offers fast processing speeds, excellent graphics and a very immersive sound experience. This machine will bring out the best in any PC game you play on it.


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Processor: Intel i7-7700HQ

Memory: 16 GB DDR4 SDRAM

Storage: 512 GB SSD + 2TB HDD

Screen: 17.3″

OS: Windows 10


  • Its excellent graphics will help make any PC game appear more vivid and with more depth on your display panel. That’s accomplished by this gaming machines very nice NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 graphics processor and its 17.3” Super HD display panel.
  • The 16GB of SDRAM and its late generation Intel i7-7700HQ processor combine for some lightning fast processing speeds. Often times it’s clocked at speeds as high as 3.8 GHz.
  • This is one of the thinnest high performance gaming laptops you will come across. It is just 23mm thick.
  • You get an incredible amount of hybrid storage with this gaming laptop. It features a fast data exchanging 512 GB solid state drive and a huge 2TB standard hard disc drive.


  • Don’t buy this gaming laptop if you want one that you take everywhere with you unless you are always near a power outlet. It’s best used as a home based laptop because if it’s poor battery life.
  • Expect it to get pretty hot after playing PC games on it for a while. It will stay much cooler if you invest in a cooling pad to put underneath it as you use it.
  • The cooling fans can be a little noisy when running.
  • Its sound quality is above average but not in the category of some other gaming laptops that we have reviewed.


The Razer RZ09-02202W75-R3W1 is a very incredible laptop for one that is just 23mm thick. Despite its less than average battery life this Razer laptop still makes a great gaming machine that can nicely double as your work or home laptop too.


Check out the latest price for the Razer RZ09-02202W75-R3W1


Razer RZ09-02202W75-R3W1 Review

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