Looking to take it easy on the wallet to begin 2018 when shopping for a new laptop? The Lenovo IdeaPad 120S-11IAP 81A4005PUK and its super budget friendly price might be just what you are looking for. This laptop is designed to be both compact as well as low cost and below we will review some of its key benefits and downsides to see just how well it stacks up.


Check out the latest price for the Lenovo IdeaPad 120S-11IAP 81A4005PUK



Processor: Intel Celeron N3350

Memory: 4 GB of RAM

Storage: 32 GB eMMC

Screen: 11.6 Inches

OS: Windows 10


– Tired of dragging that full sized laptop everywhere you go? This Ideapad is a very light 1.5 KG which makes it an ideal option for those on the go
– We can’t forget to mention the price when discussing the benefits. This laptop is a fraction of the price you can expect to pay for most full sized laptops that are currently available
– Even with the compact design Lenovo has made sure to offer plenty of options for your external devices with 3 USB ports available. We see many laptops with much higher price tags limiting the amount of USB 3.0 ports available but not so on this budget friendly option as all three run on the newer and faster 3.0 technology
– Chromebook has been the king of these budget friendly laptops for some time but for those that are familiar with Windows technology the move to Chrome OS can be a problem so having an option to purchase a device that is similar to Chromebook but runs Windows 10 is a big plus


– Storage is quite limited with only a small 32 GB eMMC drive available. This will be enough to handle basic operation but if you plan on saving any amount of data an external drive will be a must
– For a device this compact we were expecting much more than the 6 hours of battery life. This is far from enough to get the average user through the day without needing to re-charge


The downsides on the Lenovo IdeaPad 120S-11IAP 81A4005PUK are mostly things we would expect from a budget friendly laptop so it seems like a no-brainier for consumers to consider for their device if low cost and mobility are both high on their list.


Check out the latest price for the Lenovo IdeaPad 120S-11IAP 81A4005PUK


Lenovo IdeaPad 120S-11IAP 81A4005PUK Review

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