With Chromebooks becoming more and more popular HP has figured that this was a fabulous time to present the Stream model of laptops which offers buyers a great alternative to the giant and clumsy plus costly models that are currently available.


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Processor: Intel Celeron
Memory: 2 GB of RAM
Storage: 32 GB eMMC
Screen: 11.6 Inches
OS: Windows 10


One thing that the new age shopper needs out of any new laptop is the capacity to effectively spend the day moving yet at the same time have a portable workstation they can rely on to bring with them. The HP Stream 11-y000na is this, as it has an exceptionally compact design because of its little 11.6-inch display and is light at only 1.2 KG. One of the greatest troubles while in a hurry can be finding a power source to energize your gadget however with 11 hours on a single charge you can anticipate getting the entire day in before expecting to stress over this.
The greatest drawback of the minimal effort Chromebooks that have overflowed the market has been the reality it is a new interface for some who have utilized Windows in the past and customers that depend on Windows perfect programming may experience issues finding an option that works with Chrome OS, yet with Windows driving this gadget that won’t be a worry.


Any laptop that floats this low in spending is inviting areas where it will have a few drawbacks that should be considered before making your buy and that applies to the HP Stream 11-y000na also. One reason that HP could make this laptop so focused with regards to cost is the absence of any top of the line equipment in the device. Both the processor and measure of memory is on the low end so this laptop is not intended to be a workhorse and is better prepared to do online assignments, for example, email and web surfing more so than high end applications. In the event that you fall into this second class, you might be left extremely baffled in what it can offer you.


The HP Stream 11-y000na appears like a decent option to the Chromebooks for those that need to stay with more well-known and generally superior programming in Microsoft Windows. While this laptop is not perfect for the high end user, ordinary clients will find a very reasonable choice to add to their list of things to get.


Check out the latest price for the HP Stream 11-y000ns


HP Stream 11-y000ns Review

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