With its Turbo Silver design the HP 15-ba044na is a laptop that many consumers are looking to snatch up. This laptop is affordable yet still well enough powered to be a good option for those that need more than just a budget laptop. Instead of Intel inside this HP model is powered by the just as capable AMD brand of processor, the AMD A-Series to be more exact. While it is quickly gaining momentum and becoming one of the most popular laptop models available even though it has only been on the market a short time we want to see if it really is a good option for most consumers, and we will do that by reviewing some of the benefits and downsides it has to offer below.


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Processor: AMD A-Series

Memory: 8 GB of RAM

Storage: 1 TB SATA

Screen: 15.6 Inches

OS: Windows 10


Nobody wants to own a new laptop that fails to meet the demands of what they want to accomplish but unfortunately this is a common scenario for many buyers as they end up buying a low cost budget option without considering why it is so cheap. The HP 15-ba044na is still on the budget side but unlike some of these other options is well equipment as well with its AMD A-Series processor and plenty of memory at 8 GB. It is easily able to handle basic everyday use and even more high end applications without struggling and giving users a poor experience.

Most newer laptops have removed the optical drive to make themselves lighter and slimmer but HP has decided to keep the optical drive intact on this particular device. Even with this extra weight the laptop only tips the scales at 2 KG making it a worthy option for those who travel often. Along with the decent weight of the device it can also go 8 hours on a single charge adding to its credibility as a mobile friendly laptop option.


For many having plenty of storage capacity is a big deal and the HP 15-ba044na does very well here with its large 1 TB SATA drive. While this drive is great for storage hungry users for those that want the best performance a faster SSD drive would have been a nice touch even if it would have made for less overall space to store your files.


It is quite easy to see why the HP 15-ba044na has quickly become so popular, It is affordable while still being a very capable laptop. It may not have the same performance and features as a laptop twice its price but you seem to get really great value for what you pay for with this model.


Check out the latest price for the HP 15-ba044na (1BV19EA#ABU)


HP 15-ba044na (1BV19EA#ABU) Review

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