Those on the go often realize a big clunky laptop just won’t do and that is where the Dell XPS 13 WMGM0 can step in as it is not only light weight and perfectly designed for life on the road but comes with a serious punch of performance as well to keep you productive as well while on the go. Below we are going to review this model a big closer and see what it has to offer for benefits and downsides, hopefully by the end of this you will have a good idea if this model is right for you.


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Processor: Intel Core i7

Memory: 8 GB of RAM

Storage: 256 GB SSD

Screen: 13.3 Inches

OS: Windows 10


The Dell XPS 13 WMGM0 is ideal for those road warriors out there or even those users that just want something to take on the occasional road trip. When it comes to specifications that make a laptop great for on the go use this XPS blows away most of the competition with ease. For starters it weighs a very light 1.2 KG and is super slim in part because of its smaller 13.3 inch design. Just as important is the ability to be able to go extended periods of time without needing to charge back up and that is very easy with this device as you can get up to 15 hours on a single charge which is amazing.

Dell has packed many other great specs in here other than just the ones that make it ideal for using while on the go. You will also find a very powerful Intel Core i7 processor which gives it performance that is perfect for those that need to do a bit more than just your average day to day tasks.

The touch display which is part of this XPS models design is a convenient way to interface with your laptop and at times can be much easier then using the traditional keyboard and mouse inputs. Again, just like the first note we made above this is another great feature when working on the go.


An SSD hard drive was the obvious choice for the Dell XPS 13 WMGM0 as it gives the laptop a nice boost in performance and the lack of moving parts make it a better option for laptops that expected to get plenty of bumps and bangs from being used on the go. With that said it does have one drawback and that is limited storage space, Instead of 1000 GB of storage which we have come to expect from most standard laptops you will only get 256 GB which may be an issue for those that save plenty of large files.


The Dell XPS 13 WMGM0 is one of the best options on the market if having a super light and slim laptop with unbeatable battery life is on the top of your must have list and to make things even better that isn’t the only benefit it offers as it is well powered also. For demanding users this seems to be a great choice and well worth the extra money.


Check out the latest price for the Dell XPS 13 WMGM0


Dell XPS 13 WMGM0 Review

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