It may not be labeled a gaming laptop but the all new Dell Inspiron 5000 PXC2D has the hardware to satisfy both the gamer and high end power user in its 15.6 inch frame but isn’t priced anywhere close to what some of the top end gaming laptops are going for. Everybody is looking to get good value for their money when selecting their next laptop and at first glance this model seems to deliver this but below we will review some of its benefits and downsides to see just how well it really stacks up.


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Processor: Intel Core i7

Memory: 8 GB of RAM

Storage: 1 TB SATA

Screen: 15.6 Inches

OS: Windows 10


– Most mid-range laptops come with a very basic graphics card but not this Inspiron as it has the AMD Radeon R7 M445 with 4 GB of dedicated memory and is quite capable of handling the demands of modern games
– If you like plenty of storage space you are in luck with the large 1 TB SATA which should easily cover the needs of even the most demanding file savers
– With most new laptops ditching the optical drive to make themselves lighter and more compact this technology is still part of the design
– Up to 10 hours of battery life gives you great mobility on this laptop
– Not one but two USB 3.0 ports are available


– The weight of this device is slightly on the heavy side for a 15.6 inch model by tipping the scales at 2.3 KG
– Even though the SATA offers great storage capacity it could have benefited from the performance boost that an SSD would have provided
– No touchscreen technology has been included in the design of this laptop


– While it has its areas that could have been improved that probably would have taken away from its biggest asset which is affordability. This laptop seems to be a great value for the amount it costs and a great way for gamers and power users to save a little bit of money.


Check out the latest price for the Dell Inspiron 5000 PXC2D


Dell Inspiron 5000 PXC2D Review

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