The Dell Inspiron 13 7370 XXCV8 provides users with a more traditional laptop design except for the fact it comes with a smaller 13.3 inch display which also makes it great for on the go use. With users on the go now more than ever having great mobility is a must and at first glance this laptop appears to have you well covered. Below we will dive into some of the benefits and downsides to this new Dell model.


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Processor: Intel Core i7

Memory: 8 GB of RAM

Storage: 256 GB SSD

Screen: 13.3 Inches

OS: Windows 10


– The 13.3 inch display comes with an extremely thin bezel so it looks even more compact than you might expect for a laptop of this size
– If a light laptop is what you are after the 1.4 KG weight will really impress you
– Battery life is slightly above average compared to other laptop in this price range with the ability to get up to 9 hours on a single charge
– The powerful Intel Core i7 processor along with 8 GB of memory means it is very capable of handling high workloads with ease
– Includes an SSD drive which benefits from the lack of moving parts to produce faster read and write times which improves overall performance
– Three USB ports are available and unlike many models all three run on the newer and faster USB 3.0 technology


– For those who like a big screen experience the smaller 13.3 inch display might take some getting used to especially if you used to working with larger display devices
– The graphics card is quite basic and not what you want to be able to run many of the modern and resource intensive games that are on the market


For those who are on the go often and need something that is not only easy to carry around but has above average performance the Dell Inspiron 13 7370 XXCV8 seems like a great choice.


Check out the latest price for the Dell Inspiron 13 7370 XXCV8


Dell Inspiron 13 7370 XXCV8 Review

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