Does four different modes on a single laptop sound like a good deal to you? If it does you may want to check out the all new Dell Inspiron 13 5000 56CH5 which is a 13.3 inch laptop that is full convertible meaning it can easily switch from a laptop to a tablet in seconds making it a very convenient device. Along with both laptop and tablet modes it also supports tent and stand modes giving you plenty of options in how you use your device. Below we are going to review some of the benefits and downsides to this latest Inspiron model and hopefully once we are done you will have a good idea if this device is right for you.


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Processor: Intel Core i3

Memory: 4 GB of RAM

Storage: 1 TB SATA

Screen: 13.3 Inches

OS: Windows 10


If you are like many consumers you probably own multiple devices in your home and they probably include both a laptop and a tablet. One of the biggest advantages of the Dell Inspiron 13 5000 56CH5 with its convertible design is you no longer have a need to own both of these devices as this one single laptop can give you the benefits of both. The full tablet mode is perfect when you have some serious work to do but when it comes time to get up and go you can quickly switch to a tablet which is much more mobile friendly and all of this without losing what you were in the middle of working on.

Along with having the convertible design this model has other features which make it very mobile friendly including a lightweight design. It tips the scales at a very light 1.6 Kg making it easy to carry on the go and just as important it can also give you great battery life. On a single charge it can run for up to 10 hours which for most will easily get them through a full day without the need of a power source.


One of the ways that they could have given the Dell Inspiron 13 5000 56CH5 a little boost in performance is by going with an SSD hard drive. Instead you will find the older and slower SATA technology powering its storage. This drive option is great for giving consumers plenty of storage capacity but an SSD seems to be a better option especially for a device meant to be highly portable.

One of the areas that really makes a difference when it comes to performance is the amount of memory that is included. By only including 4 GB they have left this laptop limited it what it can do and power type users may be left disappointed.


The combination of a convertible laptop along with a price that is still quite affordable for most is going to attract plenty of attention to the Dell Inspiron 13 5000 56CH5. Even though it has some areas it could be improved, overall it still seems like a great option for many types of consumers.


Check out the latest price for the Dell Inspiron 13 5000 56CH5


Dell Inspiron 13 5000 56CH5 Review

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