Powerful, thin and lightweight is the best way to describe this Asus ZenBook model. It will serve the professional on the go very well or any other user that likes to keep their laptop with them at all times.

It may be compact, thin and lightweight but don’t mistake that for not being powerful. The Intel Core i7-6500U processor and 8 GB of RAM it comes with offer very fast response times for a computer its size.

There is exceptional display graphics with this Asus ZenBook too. The vivid colors produced by its QHD+ display (3200×1800) will actually jump off the screen at you. Its screen is even designed to be viewed from wider angles than most laptops will allow.


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Processor: Intel Core i7-6500U

Memory: 8 GB of 1866 MHz RAM

Storage: 512 GB SSD

Screen: 13.3″

OS: Windows 10


  • This Asus laptop is both thin and lightweight. At just 1.2 kg and 13.5 mm thick it’s one very portable and easy to carry notebook computer.
  • With its dual-core processor (Intel Core i7-6500U) and 8 GB of RAM this laptop offers its users some very good response times.
  • Asus chose to build a solid state drive (SSD) into this design and it pays off nicely. It nicely improves this computers performance while still giving it an acceptable 512 GB of storage space.
  • Extended battery life. Many users claim they get up to 12 hours of battery life from this Asus machine before they need to recharge it.
  • It offers exceptional visual and audio appeal. This is due to its QHD+ display (3200×1800) and integrated audio package.
  • Asus eye care mode. It is widely thought that blue light emissions from LCD displays cause eye fatigue and contribute to other problems too. This mode reduces blue light LCD emissions from the display up to 30%.


  • Limited hard drive storage
  • Cooling fan seems like it has to run a lot
  • Battery life is fair but nothing great.


The Asus ZenBook UX330UA-FC300T is an impressive laptop design. It combines a lightweight and compact body with exceptional performance. This Asus model is an exceptional buy for professionals, students or anyone who wants a very good laptop experience at home.


Check out the latest price for the Asus ZenBook UX330UA-FC300T


Asus ZenBook UX330UA-FC300T Review

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