We just finished reviewing one of the more expensive laptops on the market and today we are completely switch gears to review one of the more affordable options available that isn’t a compact and limited Chromebook. It is the Asus VivoBook X441SA-WX157T we will be looking at closer today and checking out some of its benefits and downsides.


Check out the latest price for the Asus VivoBook X441SA-WX157T



Processor: Intel Dual-Core Celeron

Memory: 4 GB of RAM

Storage: 1 TB SATA

Screen: 14 Inches

OS: Windows 10


– By including a 14 inch screen instead of the more standard 15.6 inch Asus has been able to make this VivoBook slightly more compact and light which is a big plus for those who plan on using this device heavily on the go
– Do you find yourself quickly running out of storage space on some of the more limited laptop models? The large 1 TB drive should easily eliminate this issue and give you plenty of space to save your critical data
– 8 hours of battery life is going to wow many consumers in 2017 but for a model that is this budget friendly it actually stacks up quite well
– Talking about budget friendly this model is quite easy on the wallet with most other options around this price range coming out with smaller screens and limited storage space


– Obviously budget friendly means that some corners had to be cut in the design and that is no exception on this model. Starting with performance where the low end Intel Celeron and limited memory of just 4 GB will have higher end users quickly frustrated with its lack of power
– Gaming is another area that will be next to impossible with this model as it also lacks a powerful graphics card


Even though the Asus VivoBook X441SA-WX157T isn’t going to wow you with its specifications the low price tag makes it a great choice for those who just want a basic computer with plenty of storage space for a price that is easy to swallow.


Check out the latest price for the Asus VivoBook X441SA-WX157T


Asus VivoBook X441SA-WX157T Review

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