Google continues to chip away at Microsoft and Apples laptop dominance with their Chromebook lineup of laptops and gone are the days where they can only offer very basic devices and the list of models now include convertible laptops such as the Asus C101PA-FS002. This laptop features a 360 degree hinge, technology that Windows laptops have been pushing for some time with favourable reviews. Below we will go over some of the benefits and downsides to this model and see if it might be a good choice for you.


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Processor: Rockchip RK3399

Memory: 4 GB of RAM

Storage: 16 GB eMMC

Screen: 10.1 Inches

OS: Chrome OS


– As we mentioned above one of this laptops biggest features and biggest benefits is the 360 degree hinge design, with this it is no longer necessary to own multiple devices when the advantages of both a laptop and tablet can be had all in one
– Designed to be very compact this laptop only tips the scales at 898 grams making it feather light to carry around for extended periods of time
– Talking about being on the go for long periods of time the 9 hours of battery life will make that much easier as finding a power source won’t be consistently on your mind


– You will only find a single USB 2.0 port available on this design while most laptops have a minimum of two
– If saving plenty of large files locally to your device is something you want to be able to do than you will be disappointed by the very small 16 GB drive that is included. To get around this you will probably have to save some files to a cloud service such as Google Drive
– The smaller 10.1 inch display makes for a very mobile friendly device but might not be ideal for everyone, especially those who are used to large displays


The Asus C101PA-FS002 does have its limitation, mainly a smaller display and limited storage space but at the same time offers a very affordable laptop with a great feature which is the 360 degree hinge design.


Check out the latest price for the Asus C101PA-FS002 Chromebook


Asus C101PA-FS002 Chromebook review

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