Yet another Chromebook up for review today as they continue to give Windows a run for their money especially with consumers who are looking for something low cost and affordable for general day to day use. Today it is the Acer Chromebook R13 CB5-312T-K1TR that we are looking at which is a compact 13.3 inch laptop model which would actually be considered on the higher end for a Chromebook while still staying very affordable in price. Below we will review some of the benefits and downsides it has to offer.


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Processor: MediaTek

Memory: 4 GB of RAM

Storage: 64 GB eMMC

Screen: 13.3 Inches

OS: Chrome OS


One of the biggest limitations on Chromebooks is around the amount of internal storage as Google is trying to push users to saving more information in the cloud using online storage such as Google Drive. The Acer Chromebook R13 CB5-312T-K1TR still has a small amount of storage when comparing to a typical Windows machine it still has double what many of the other Chromebook options has available with 64 GB of space. This is enough to save most users important and frequently accessed files allowing them to use online storage for data that only needs to be accessed occasionally.

Chromebooks tend to be great options for users who want a device that can keep up with them on the go and this Acer model is no different as it offers superior battery life with a full 12 hours on a single charge. With this amount of battery life it is very easy to leave the charger at home and not have to worry about charging up your device for the full day. On top of the long lasting battery it is also quite lightweight tipping the scales at a very reasonable 1.5 KG.


While most of your common Windows applications have apps available for Chrome as well or at least an alternative that is just as good this isn’t always the case. Before deciding to make the permanent switch from Windows to Chromebook what programs you frequently use and if you will be able to use them on a non-windows device. With Windows being so well supported this is usually the biggest challenge for users to making the switch.

With only 1 USB port available you are not going to be able to easily plug in multiple devices which for some can be a real disappointment.


When it comes to Chromebooks the Acer Chromebook R13 CB5-312T-K1TR is one of the better options as it comes with higher specs and more storage then most of the Chromebook alternatives which makes it a laptop model you should seriously consider for your next purchase.


Check out the latest price for the Acer Chromebook R13 CB5-312T-K1TR (NX.GL4EK.003)


Acer Chromebook R13 CB5-312T-K1TR (NX.GL4EK.003) Review

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