At one time if you wanted to make sure you always had the right device for the right task you needed to own multiple devices such as both a laptop and tablet. Now with Convertible laptop models available this isn’t necessarily required, and to make things even better these convertible models are getting much more affordable. Google has made a big name for themselves in the laptop market by producing very affordable devices and they have applied this same thinking to convertible designs as well. Today we are looking at one of these affordable convertible options which is the Acer Chromebook R11 CB5-132T-C8L7 and below we will review some of the benefits and downsides it offers consumers.


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Processor: Intel Celeron

Memory: 4 GB of RAM

Storage: 32 GB eMMC

Screen: 11.6 Inches

OS: Chrome OS


The 360 degree hinge on the Acer Chromebook R11 CB5-132T-C8L7 is probably its biggest asset. With this technology included you are not stuck using your device in just a single mode but instead can quickly switch from using as a typical laptop to a tablet in seconds. It is hard to truly appreciate just how convenient this technology is until you get your hands on one of these devices but for those that currently own one it would be very difficult to switch back to a traditional laptop that lacks this feature.

If you are looking for portability with your new device this Acer will impress you here as well. It comes with a smaller 11.6 inch display design which has translated into a very light and slim device. The total weight is just 1.2 Kg making it very easy to put into your kit bag or carrying case and head out the door no matter if you are making a long trip or just heading back and forth to class or the office it is super convenient to take with you.

For those looking for an alternative to Windows for whatever reason the Chrome OS that powers this device is one of your best options. On top of being very affordable this software has also had enough time to mature and become a very stable alternative to those looking to ditch Windows.


While it scores high marks on being very mobile with its very light weight and 12 hours of battery life one of the reasons they have been able to make it so mobile friendly may turn out to be a negative for some. With a screen that is much smaller then a full sized laptop there will be plenty of consumers that have a difficult time adjusting to the smaller display especially when trying to get some serious work done or viewing videos that become more difficult to see on the smaller screen.

Similar to all Chromebooks the Acer Chromebook R11 CB5-132T-C8L7 lacks any serious storage capacity. The 32 GB provided is a fraction of what you will find in a full sized model and will have you looking for alternatives such as online storage for your file saving needs.


The Acer Chromebook R11 CB5-132T-C8L7 is a very convenient option that has the great feature of being convertible. For those that want something low cost and great for on the go use this might be an option that works good for them.


Check out the latest price for the Acer Chromebook R11 CB5-132T-C8L7 (NX.G54EK.005)


Acer Chromebook R11 CB5-132T-C8L7 (NX.G54EK.005) Review

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