We have seen many new Chromebook laptop models become quite popular over the last few months and one of the models that has recently surged to the top of the pack is the Acer Chromebook C202SA-GJ0025-OSS. This laptop seems to have everything you expect from a chromebook which includes a budget friendly price tag along with top notch mobility features. Below we will review this model from Acer a bit closer and see just how well it stacks up by going over some of its benefits and downsides.


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Processor: Intel Celeron

Memory: 4 GB of RAM

Stoarge: 16 GB eMMC

Screen: 11.6 Inches

OS: Chrome OS


As we mentioned above the Acer Chromebook C202SA-GJ0025-OSS really knows how to get around and is a great device for those that are on the go often and looking for something that can keep pace with their hectic lifestyle. The device weighs about half of a full sized laptop at just 1.2 Kg which makes it quite easy to carry around for extended periods of time throughout the day and just as important it can go for long periods between charges with up to 10 hours of battery life on a single charge.

Like any Chromebook that is available the specs are not going to overly impress anybody but this laptop does still have an edge over many of the others by going with 4 GB of memory instead of just 2. This gives the device a little extra pop when running some more demanding applications or doing any type of heavy multi-tasking.


Another thing that Chromebooks and most other budget models that fall into this price range lack compared to full sized devices is storage capacity. All your going to find on the Acer Chromebook C202SA-GJ0025-OSS is a very small 16 GB drive which is small even compared to other Chromebook laptop models with many offering twice as much as this at 32 GB.

For those who have spent most of their lives using Windows devices the switch to something completely different which in this case is Chrome OS can be difficult. While the interface is not difficult to use some of the features that you have become used to may not be available on this software.


Overall the Acer Chromebook C202SA-GJ0025-OSS is a great low cost device for those looking for an alternative to Windows PC’s. It may not be the most modern or powerful device on the market but can still be a great everyday computer for the average user.


Check out the latest price for the Acer Chromebook C202SA-GJ0025-OSS


Acer Chromebook C202SA-GJ0025-OSS Review

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