The Aspire lineup of laptops comes in many different varieties and one of the most intriguing is the VX edition. Today we are looking at the Acer Aspire VX5-591G-58DD which has a full sized 15.6 inch display along with a very bold design that gives you a bit of a unique look compared to other laptops. Below we are going to investigate this laptop a bit closer and list some of the most notable benefits and downsides it has to offer.


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Processor: Intel Core i5

Memory: 8 GB of RAM

Storage: 1 TB SATA plus 128 GB SSD

Screen: 15.6 Inches

OS: Windows 10


– Full sized 15.6 inch display
– Above average processor for decent performance in the Intel Core i5
– Plenty of memory at 8 GB
– Graphics card that is capable of handling newer games and has 4 GB of dedicated memory
– Hybrid hard drive setup so you get a large 1 TB SATA plus a faster 128 GB SSD so you get the best of both technologies


– Not overly light even for a full sized model at 2.5 Kg
– Below average battery life of just 6 hours on a single charge
– No optical drive is included which is a disappointment for those that still use physical media on a regular basis


While it may not be quite powerful enough to be considered a gaming rig the Acer Aspire VX5-591G-58DD still has plenty of features that you would find on one such as a high end video card. This laptop seems to be ideally suited to those who need an everyday laptop to handle school or work tasks but at the same time want to be able to do some light gaming when it comes time to relax.


Check out the latest price for the Acer Aspire VX5-591G-58DD (NH.GM2EK.001)


Acer Aspire VX5-591G-58DD (NH.GM2EK.001) Review

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