When it comes to affordability Acer really knew what they were doing with the all new Aspire ES 11 ES1-132, This laptop is currently one of the lowest cost options available and should spark the interest of many budget minded consumers. Now we all know that just because a laptop has a great price doesn’t mean it is necessarily a great buy or a good fit for the type of laptop user you are so below we will discuss some of the benefits and downsides of this model to see if it is one that you should consider for your next purchase.


Check out the latest price for the Acer Aspire ES 11 ES1-132 (NX.GGLEK.001)



Processor: Intel Celeron

Memory: 2 GB of RAM

Storage: 32 GB eMMC

Screen: 11.6 Inches

OS: Windows 10


Yes, we already mentioned this but we feel it deserves to be talked about again in the benefits section, the Acer Aspire ES 11 ES1-132 is very easy on the wallet. With its ultra low price just about anybody can afford to get themselves a brand new laptop and nothing is better then that feeling of un-boxing brand new technology. Now with something this affordable anybody can get that great new laptop feeling.

Even with its low price and small compact design you are going to find plenty of the technology that is a must have with any new laptop. Surprisingly they have still been able to fit 3 USB ports on this device with one of them even running on the newer and faster 3.0 technology. Along with the great selection of USB ports you will find HDMI which is perfect for when the smaller 11.6 inch display is just not enough and you need to project your video to a larger display such as an external monitor or even full sized TV.

If you need something that is a great travel companion then you will be very impressed with the 8 hours of battery life you can receive on a single charge as well as the light weight of just 1.2 KG.


As with any new technology the fact that you get what you pay for is very true and that proven saying doesn’t change with the Acer Aspire ES 11 ES1-132. While it still has plenty of great features when considering the price there is a reason it is a fraction of the cost compared to typical full sized laptop models. You need to be aware it doesn’t posses the same type of performance and is better suited to basic day to day tasks. Along with the lower end performance hard drive space is at a premium as it only offers a small 32 GB drive.


For those looking to get a new device without spending much money the Acer Aspire ES 11 ES1-132 is a great option. It won’t provide excellent performance but for lower end users that spend most of their time doing online activities like email, web browsing and social media it still has enough under the hood to provide a decent experience.


Check out the latest price for the Acer Aspire ES 11 ES1-132 (NX.GGLEK.001)


Acer Aspire ES 11 ES1-132 (NX.GGLEK.001) Review

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